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At the start of the 1990’s a number of investors from Western Europe with extensive experience in pharmaceutical distribution started a number of joint ventures in Eastern European countries.
In Russia, ZAO 'ORFE', was set up in 1994 by the same group of West European distributors.
After several years ORFE’s position in the Russian market had been clearly identified.

ORFE now operates as an importer and wholesale distributor of high quality pharmaceutical products. It offers its clients a full spectrum of services including customs bonded warehouses and specialized storage facilities for pharmaceuticals, customs brokerage, logistics and delivery of medical supplies across the whole territory of Russia.

In 2008 ORFE made radical upgrades to its Russian infrastructure to support its rapid growth.
Orfe in 2009 celebrates its 15th year of activity in Russia, with 80 employees and 18000 sq.m.  of facilities.


ZAO ORFE, a Russian company with a one hundred percent foreign holding, operates as a pre-wholesale and wholesale distributor of quality pharmaceutical products. Since its inception it has operated successfully in Russia distributing the products of a number of leading producers.

ORFE has a unique and extremely effective strategy for bringing together Western producers and Russian clients.

ORFE is seen by its suppliers, the foreign producers of pharmaceuticals, as a reliable Western partner with a Western mentality, using Western business practices, and with a Western approach to the Russian market.

However, it is also a fully fledged Russian legal entity, able to undertake every kind of business transaction, including tenders and applications, and can interact seamlessly with all Russian clients and is able to understand the complexities of the Russian system.

ORFE provides a common, shared logistical platform for western producers, while also ensuring the legal basis for carrying out business in Russia.

Thanks to its operating modes, Orfe is able to sustain and support the growth of the producer in Russia, adapting the services and the assistance delivered to them, up to their complete establishment in the market.

Due to ORFE’s extensive client base (we have more than 1000 clients across the different regions of Russia who use the services of ORFE as importer and wholesaler), the suppliers are provided with total support in every phase of their development.  ORFE’s reputation for reliability extends to the most remote corners of Russia.

Success in the Russian pharmaceutical market is largely due to an extremely experienced management team and eighty highly qualified specialists working in ORFE: pharmacists, engineers, accountants, and financial planners.

The Quality Management System of the company ZAO ORFE

One of the key factors of a successful business is the high quality of products and services offered.

The Quality Management System of ZAO ORFE, which was set up in 2011,is the main system of the company’s management and it covers certification areas such as logistics and pharmaceutical distribution (wholesale trade of medicines).

ZAO ORFE has successfully passed the procedure of certificate examination of the Quality Management System.The independent certification company "Bureau Veritas" issued an international certificate for compliance of the Quality Management System of company ZAO ORFE to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 from 07.11.2011 №RU 228089Q-U.

The Quality Management System of ZAO ORFE is an important tool for company’s development.Implemention of the Quality Management System promotes constantly an increase in the efficiency and the effectiveness of business processes and continuous improvement of the satisfaction of the customer’s requirements due to new level of the quality of services rendered.