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Customs Bonded Warehouse

The Customs Bonded warehouse gives a number of advantages Russian Customers and Western producers in term of physical optimization of the flows, minimization of the financial exposure in term of VAT and Customs Duties, minimization of credit risks.

This is achieved by providing the possibility to custom clear in small quantities, based on sales expecations, so that the importer can stagger the payment of duties and VAT.

A bonded warehouse also offers the possibility to be used as a consolidation zone, avoiding logistic expenses in Europe. This is particularly true when the producer has different production facilities in various locations.
ORFE has its own customs bonded warehouse under arrangements with the Customs Authority of the Russian Federation. The warehouse has been specifically designed and equipped to store only medicines, at the required conditions.

Special arrangements on simplified procedures with the Customs Authority allow a rational, quick-flow in and out of the bonded warehouse, without any delays for the trucks, for the sake of the safety of the goods as well as temperature compliance etc.

Our specialized Customs Department, with 15 years  experience in clearing goods through customs, is able to deliver the maximum level of assistance to our suppliers